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A SAAS Solution for Deal Makers

Glassboard SaaS/PaaS SPV Platform

The leading back-office solution for running deals, the Glassboard platform has seen more SPV/Fund/Syndicate deals than any other provider: Over 5,100!

Core Features of the Glassboard Platform
  • Mobile-first Design

  • Track Your Deals (Pipeline Management)

  • CRM and Contacts

  • Deal Database

  • Deal Room

  • Banking Integration (Our Bank or Your Bank)

  • Automated Bank Reconciliations

  • Payment Processing

  • Notifications and Messaging

  • Portals for Deal Lead, Investor and Company Founders

  • Actionable and Predictive Analytics

  • Data Imports and Exports: AngelList and  Salesforce Connectors

  • Private Exchange Marketplace (Discover / Buy / Sell / Trade Deals)

Core Features of Deal Management
  • SPVs or Full Life-cycle Venture Funds

  • Delaware or Nevada Entity Registration 

  • Master or Series Entity Structure 

  • 506 (b) or 506 (c)

  • KYC/AML Checks

  • Capital Account Statements

  • Multiple Asset Types
    - Common Stock
    - Preferred Stock
    - Converible Notes
    - SAFE
    - Real Estate
    - Other Physical Assets

  • Secondaries
    - Buy-side and Sell-side

  • Deal Take-Overs: Let us take over your past deals

Standard Legal Documents
  • Subscription Agreement 

  • Operating Agreement

  • Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)

  • Purchase Agreements

  • Membership Transfers

  • Assignment & Assumption Agreement

  • Or Bring Your Own Custom Legal Documents

Standard SEC and State Filings
  • Form D  (Federal) 

  • Blue Sky Filing  (State)

Standard Post Close Activities (PCA)
  • Tax & K1 Processing and Delivery 

  • Pro Rata Rights 

  • Right of First Refusal (ROFR)

  • Capital Calls 

  • Financial Statements 

  • Distributions

  • Cap Table Management

  • Corporate Actions

  • Audit Support  

Exit Processing
  • Mergers

  • Acquisition

  • IPO

  • Shut Down

Our Team

We are experienced investors, serial entrepreneurs and expert technology professionals. We have closed more than 150+ deals ourselves and have more than 100+ years of financial services and technology knowledge.  Our Team has design, developed, integrated and deployed scalable, durable, enterprise-grade SaaS FinTech solutions around the World.

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