A SAAS Solution for Deal Makers


Responsive Design

Responsive "Mobile-First" Design

Deals don't care where or when they happen. The Glassboard framework is built to run on any device, and designed to be "mobile-first". This means your can securely access and manage your deals from anywhere on any device.


Seamlessly Manage Your Deal Pipeline

Whatever phase your deals are in, there's multiple inputs, steps, and assets to manage. Whether its deal tracking, document review, messaging, document signing, or payment processing—Glassboard handles it all.


Platform-as-a-Service Offering

If you have a front-end developed, our PAAS solution will integrate. Glassboard's Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) is available as both a Standard or Custom API to build your own deal management SaaS Application.

Glassboard SaaS/PaaS SPV Platform

The leading back-office solution for running deals, the Glassboard platform has seen more SPV/Fund/Syndicate deals than any other provider: Over 5,100!

Core Features of the Glassboard Platform
  • Mobile-first Design

  • Track Your Deals (Pipeline Management)

  • CRM and Contacts

  • Deal Database

  • Deal Room

  • Banking Integration (Our Bank or Your Bank)

  • Automated Bank Reconciliations

  • Payment Processing

  • Notifications and Messaging

  • Portals for Deal Lead, Investor and Company Founders

  • Actionable and Predictive Analytics

  • Data Imports and Exports: AngelList and  Salesforce Connectors

  • Private Exchange Marketplace (Discover / Buy / Sell / Trade Deals)

Core Features of Deal Management
  • SPVs or Full Life-cycle Venture Funds

  • Delaware or Nevada Entity Registration 

  • Master or Series Entity Structure 

  • 506 (b) or 506 (c)

  • KYC/AML Checks

  • Capital Account Statements

  • Multiple Asset Types
    - Common Stock
    - Preferred Stock
    - Converible Notes
    - SAFE
    - Real Estate
    - Other Physical Assets

  • Secondaries
    - Buy-side and Sell-side

  • Deal Take-Overs: Let us take over your past deals

Standard Legal Documents
  • Subscription Agreement 

  • Operating Agreement

  • Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)

  • Purchase Agreements

  • Membership Transfers

  • Assignment & Assumption Agreement

  • Or Bring Your Own Custom Legal Documents

Standard SEC and State Filings
  • Form D  (Federal) 

  • Blue Sky Filing  (State)

Standard Post Close Activity (PCA)
  • Tax & K1 Processing and Delivery 

  • Pro Rata Rights 

  • Right of First Refusal (ROFR)

  • Capital Calls 

  • Financial Statements 

  • Distributions

  • Cap Table Management

  • Corporate Actions

  • Audit Support  

Exit Processing
  • Mergers

  • Acquisition

  • IPO

  • Shut Down


Our Team

We are experienced investors, serial entrepreneurs and expert technology professionals. We have closed more than 150+ deals ourselves and have more than 100+ years of financial services and technology knowledge.  Our Team has design, developed, integrated and deployed scalable, durable, enterprise-grade SaaS FinTech solutions around the World.

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